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CCTV Gives a Like for the Success of“IMIE Intelligent Visual Implant” Surgery

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“256-Channel Flexible Electrode Implantable Epi-retinal Stimulator” clinical scientific research has obtained significant achievement, and has attracted great attention and social response. Last night, the news channel of CCTV has reported the “IMIE Intelligent Visual Implant” in detail.



In the meantime, mainstream media at all levels such as People’s Daily, HNTV, TouTiao, Hunan Today, Hunan Economic TeleVision, Hunan TV Urban Channel, Hunan TV Public Channel, Hunan Broadcasting System, RedNet, Sanxiang City Express, Zhihui Changsha, Changsha Channel of Politics and Law have reported and released the news through the whole course and stayed focused on the milestone achievement.

The Chinese blind have realized their vision restoring dream of thousands of years. The new “visual” world will bring brightness and hope to the blind friends all over the world.

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