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IntelliMicro Carried Out All Staff Development Activities

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On May 29, IntelliMicro carried out the 2021 All Staff Development Activities to enrich the cultural life of all employees, further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the Company, and fully experience the team strength of efficient collaboration.

The development activities of IntelliMicro officially started at 9:00 in the morning despite the rain and wind. All colleagues were randomly divided into eight teams. After grouping and brainstorming, each team had come up with its own name and slogan. The activity of “Magical Brush” fully demonstrated the team strategy and cooperation. At first, the movement of the teams was not consistent while finally it was very well as everyone was fighting for the same goal and heading to the same direction. “Quick 60 Seconds” mainly challenged the information transfer, coordination, task division, strategy adjustment per changes, and adaptability of the teams, which improved their communication awareness within a limited time and formed a warm collaborative atmosphere. In other activities, all teams were going all out, working together, and striving to make breakthroughs in their tasks.

Rising up to the difficulties and challenges of various projects, members of each team fought for the shared goal and shouted out the vigor of the teams with mutual trust and proactive communication. The persistence and experience fully reflected therein will be valuable memories of everyone for their great courage of self-challenge.

The activities have improved coordination and communication, strengthened team spirit, gathered power, and integrated everyone as a team with stronger team spirit, rule-oriented spirit, and adaptability spirit. Through the activities, all staff have profoundly recognized the importance of better understanding of the rules, be determined to execute work tasks, and be quicker in responding to the change of environment. Taking the activities as an opportunity, IntelliMicro staff will be increasingly engaged in work with hardworking spirit, healthy body, optimistic attitude, and more passion to strive hard for the IntelliMicro dream of “Dreams of disabled made possible by Micro Technology”.

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