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Zhao Jiangwen and His Party Investigated the Drug Rehabilitation Project of IntelliMicro

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On March 8, Zhao Jiangwen, executive deputy director of Hunan Provincial Narcotics Control Office and chief of the narcotics control corps of the Public Security Department, and his party investigated and guided IntelliMicro on the Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) project for drug rehabilitation (hereinafter referred to as the drug rehabilitation project). Chen Xilin, a member of the Party Group and Secretary General of the Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce, accompanied the investigation. Zhou Qingjun, full-time deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Narcotics Control Office, Wang Zhoufeng, leader of the 1st Detachment of the Narcotics Corps of Hunan Provincial Public Security Department, Ding Xiangwen, leader of the 5th Detachment, and Wen Weimin, deputy director of the Legal Service Office of the Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce, participated in the investigation.

Zhao Jiangwen and his party were briefed on the Company’s development, core technology and development plan, visited the Company’s GLP laboratory, had a detailed understanding of the progress of the drug rehabilitation project and work suggestions, and discussed and exchanged on the project mechanism and application planning.

He spoke highly of IntelliMicro’s nerve electrical stimulator series products and advanced technologies, and fully affirmed IntelliMicro’s care for socially disadvantaged groups and sense of responsibility for improving human health.

He pointed out that the organic integration of scientific and technological innovation and the medical industry is an important force to protect life and health, and IntelliMicro’s rehabilitation program is different from traditional rehabilitation methods such as medicine and psychological counseling, and has broad research and clinical application prospects. He stressed that IntelliMicro should adhere to the established planning goals and routes, do a good job in the scientific research of the project, promote the early launch of the project, so as to help the drug addicts to get rid of drug addiction. Hunan Provincial Narcotics Control Office and the Narcotics Corps of Hunan Provincial Public Security Department will give help and support, and continue to follow the progress of the project.

Secretary General Chen Xilin said that Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce will continue to do a good job for the development of enterprises, provide help and support for the rehabilitation project and the promotion of nerve electrical stimulator series products of IntelliMicro, so that high-tech medical achievements can benefit mankind earlier.

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