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Jianxin Zheng, Deputy Secretary of Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Changsha, Visited IntelliMicro

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On October 9, 2022, Jianxin Zheng, Deputy Secretary of Changsha Municipal Committee and Mayor of Changsha, and his party visited IntelliMicro to investigate the safety production and operation of medical device enterprises, inspect and supervise epidemic prevention and control, and have an in-depth understanding of IntelliMicro’s development and problems to be solved.

Mayor Jianxin Zheng was briefed on the Company’s basic situation, project progress and development strategy, inquired in detail about the technical principle, development and application planning of the first-launched “IMIE intelligent visual implant”, and visited the GMP production workshop of IntelliMicro.

Mayor Jianxin Zheng fully affirmed IntelliMicro’s development achievements in promoting epidemic prevention and control and production safety. He pointed out that science and technology constitute the primary productive force, and the development of high-tech medical devices has a broad market space and far-reaching social value, especially the early industrialization of “IMIE” and other series of neural electrical stimulators will bring good news to the disabled.

He expressed that the government departments at all levels in Changsha will actively create better conditions for the high-quality development of enterprises. He encouraged IntelliMicro to seize the market opportunities, focus on promoting the institutional innovation and product innovation, enhance enterprise’s core competitiveness, strive to overcome the impact of the epidemic, strengthen the R&D of new products comprehensively, promote more advanced technologies and products to benefit the public as soon as possible, and contribute to the development of humanitarian cause.

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